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jasmine harwell United States

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About me

Hey!!! basicly, im me. if i sat here trying to describe myself it would take hours upon hours and pages upon pages because im so complicated. sometimes i dont even understand "me." so how can i expect you to??


i have an average lifestyle. im not rich but im not poor. im a regular teenager with a regular life....well if you can ever set a basic outline of what a regular life is... i have some luxuries such as a fourwheeler, hot tub, and a bike, upon others that


i like many different genres of music. metal, rock, alternative, classical, pop, rap, country, etc. i listen to almost everything. my absolute favorite song is "whispers in the dark" by skillet. some of my other favorite songs are im a bitch (artist unkno

Movies and TV:

my favorite show is "inuyasha." my favorite movie is "the incredible journey." there are many more that i like and watcha alot like: 16 and pregnant, undatable,degrassi, and others that i dont fee like taking the time to list.


5ht grade i used to do gymnastics. 7th grade, in fall i played softball, and i would like to be in cheerleading or colorguard.


i draw, paint, sing, write songs, sew, knit, make earrings, and sometimes make dolls from yarn and thread.


my favorite colors are green and black. my favorite animals are tigers, cats, frogs, and monkeys. if i could go anywhere in the world i would go to the grand 'ol opry in nashville. if i could hav any pets i wanted i would have a spidermonkey, fruit bat, a


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